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Take It is an NFT platform that I redesigned and built from the ground up with my team at Haste. It's primary purpose was to be a hub for all of our Arcade NFTS, while also providing the community with a fun NFT-buying experience.

Take It Homepage


Voting Landing Page

NFT drops on Take It are all determined by community votes. Artists and founders are able to submit their collections, where users can then vote on them. Once a collection reaches 100, they are then scheduled for a drop!

Auction Types

Take It currently supports 2 auction types: Take It and Mint It, with many more planned for future release.

Take It Drop

Collection Landing - Auction Ongoing

The first auction type is the platform's namesake: Take It. For collections that choose to go through this auction type, buyers will be able to 'take' each NFT in the collection at a specified floor price. Taking an NFT is essentially placing a bid that is paid instantly, with a guarantee that the taker will earn a % of the next take.

Collection Landing - Auction Ongoing

The more takes an NFT gets, the quicker it's timer will decrease. This auction style is better for smaller collections, and is meant to serve as secondary market price discovery.

Mint It Drop

Mint It Landing

The second auction style is Mint It: where buyers can choose to mint a random NFT from the collection.

Mint It - Minting Animation

The reveal of the NFT is essential to the experience, which we spent a lot of time perfecting. After reveal, users can choose to share their pull or mint again.

Mint It Landing - Owned

Once a user has minted, they will be able to see their purchases from the collection directly on the collection's mint page.

NFT Pages

NFT Detail - Listed for Resale

The template for the NFT detail pages are all the same, with key bits of the information changing depending on the NFT's state: whether you own it, if it's listed via secondary, etc.

Creator Dashboard

Creator Dashboard 1

Creators also get access to a dashboard that is integrated with their user profile, giving them useful stats and insights into their collections.

Creator Dashboard 2

Take It is currently under active development, and may look different in production.

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