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Product Strategy, UX/UI, Game Design, Branding


JPEG Wars is an desktop-only shooter MMO that brings instant utility to any NFT collection. Project founders across different blockchains can submit their collections to be playable, enabling their holders to engage in weekly competitions with the chance to win payouts and prizes.


Lobby - Space Available

The player lobby serves as a lively space for gamers to gather, chat, and monitor the leaderboards. Future updates to the UI will grant players the option to spectate if the game is already at full capacity.

Lobby - Full/In Queue

Game Experience

The game itself is a shooter where users get to play as their favorite PFP NFT. Lives and bullets are unlimited, and the circular map grows to accommodate the amount of players.

The circle's walls also rotate, providing players with an additional challenge when running around, dodging, and collecting consumables placed on the map.

Game Map - Player Health Full

Current consumables available to all players include health packs and speed boosts. Users can choose to purchase boost NFTs of these items; which if held in their connected wallet, will prolong these item's duration on pickup.

Game Map - Player Health Low

When the player's health starts dropping, they will see a glowing red ring around the screen to help them realize that their health is decreasing. Players will also have the ability to enable proximity or team-wide voice chat in order to strategize with their teammates.

Game Map - Player Dead

Game Map - Respawn

Once a player has died, they will see a respawn modal with a countdown timer. While waiting to respawn, they can press the 'F' key to release RIP emojis from their dead body.

Brand Design

JPEG Wars Brand Guidelines

In addition to the UX/UI work, I also took on the responsibility of shaping the brand: experimenting, defining standards, and giving direction/feedback to other designers who may need to contribute to the brand.

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